The Tenderness of His Love: A Christian Romance
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The Tenderness of His Love: A Christian Romance

This Christian romance novel of 57,000 words is the third book in the Fostered by Love series from USA Today bestselling author Kimberly Rae Jordan

Tennyson Page has always been eager to help people, but after a couple of situations where his emotions got involved only to lead to heartache, he’s been wary of getting too close. However, when he runs into Olivia Duncan and her three daughters at a time when she needs help, he finds that keeping his distance is more difficult that he’d thought it would be.

Olivia Duncan is at rock bottom when she meets Tennyson for the first time. Fearful of losing her girls, she has no choice but to trust him even though her trust has been misplaced before. As she enters Tennyson’s world, she discovers a group of people unlike any she’s ever known before. Like Tennyson, they are generous and helpful, willing to do whatever they can to help her get on her feet again. Her gratitude to Tennyson and his friends and family is immense.

Tennyson finds he’s drawn to Olivia, but he is uncertain if her reactions to him are prompted by gratitude or something more. Wary of being vulnerable yet again, Tennyson struggles to trust that opening his heart to Olivia might be what God wants him to do. Having been rejected twice before, he’s not sure that he’s ready to take a chance on love for the third time. Even if Olivia is everything he wants in his life and her daughters light up his world.

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