Lee: A Christian Romance

Lee Halverson has resolved to focus on his career and his family and to avoid falling in love the way his siblings have succumbed to it over the past few years.

Lee has recently learned of the events that led to him being adopted when he was three. Horrified to discover that his parents are in prison for child abuse and murder, Lee feels tainted. Knowing he carries the genes of such horrible people, Lee isn’t confident that nurture will prevail over nature. And even if he managed to escape that genetic disposition, would it be fair to pass it on to a child?

Aurora Harlow-Gray is feeling unfettered and adrift in her life

Currently between jobs, Aurora comes to Serenity to cat and house sit for her mom so she and husband can go on a three week cruise. When she has to take the cat to the vet, Aurora can’t help but admire the handsome vet who has no ring on his finger.

On a whim, she asks if the vet hospital has an opening for a receptionist. When they say they do, Aurora thinks it’s a sign that she should make the move to Serenity, even though being so close to her mom might not be the best decision she’s ever made.

Every time Lee turns around, Aurora is there, giving him smiles and, if he’s not mistaken, flirting with him. She tempts him to abandon his resolve, but he doesn’t want to reveal his past and the horrible people who had contributed to his genetic makeup.

Can Lee accept that God has created him in His image, or will his fear of carrying the traits of his biological parents prevent him from finding love with Aurora?

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