The Love of Her Life: A Christian Romance

I love adventure and the thrill of death-defying stunts. It gets my blood pumping in a way nothing else ever has. Until I met her.

Since he was young, Gabe Callaghan has chased the rush of an adrenalin high. Whether it was jumping off the roof of his family home onto the trampoline below as a boy or BASE jumping off the Kjerag Massif in Norway as an adult, Gabe craves the rush that dangerous activities give him. No person, place or thing has ever held his attention long enough to divert him from that chase. That is until the day he walks into his family’s business and lays eyes on Maya St. James. Even though she’s in her mid-twenties, Maya has an innocence about her and a curiosity about life that draws him in. Gabe longs to show her his world!

I have been in a fight for my life more than once and cherish each day that I wake up.

A two-time cancer survivor, Maya St. James has only just recently begun to spread her wings, eager to soar beyond the walls her wealthy, over-protective parents had put in place to keep her safe. She longs to experience a world that, for the most part, she has only seen virtually through videos and television. When she meets Gabe Callaghan for the first time, Maya is drawn to his zest for life. She’s never met anyone like him before and finds herself saying yes to his invitations to be part of his world. But even as she finds herself falling for Gabe, Maya comes to the realization that his ideas of excitement and adventure vary greatly from hers. Add to that is the knowledge that Gabe’s time in Winnipeg is limited, and Maya is left to wonder if it’s possible for their lifestyles to mesh.

Will their blossoming love be enough to overcome their differences? Or will their opposite perspectives on life drive them apart?

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