The Harmony of Love: A Christian Romance

To those around her, her life plays like a simple melody. But she hears the whole song, complete with the harsh sounds of discordant notes.

Along with everything else she does at the family’s lodge, Leah McNamara also finds the time to write music, using it as an outlet for the things she’s experiencing in her life. Leah would be perfectly content with her life at the lodge and her music if she wasn’t worried about the secrets she’s kept hidden from her family that are now threatening to be revealed. If that were to happen, the betrayal her mom and siblings would feel could damage everything.

The realization of his dream had been like a beautiful song, until someone else’s actions brings it all to an end.

Gavin Colley is unsettled, set adrift when the popular contemporary Christian music group he’d founded crashes and burns in a fiery scandal. When he hears a song being sung by a woman whose voice resonates with him, he sets off to convince her to write and record a song with him. He hopes it might help to give him the direction he needs to move forward.

As he bides his time, waiting for the right moment to ask her to collaborate with him, Gavin finds himself intrigued by the prickly woman. Being around her is the perfect distraction from the mess his career is in. But there’s also something more there that he hadn’t expected to find when he’d made his way to New Hope Falls.

When Gavin shows up at the lodge, Leah knows who he is and what’s happened. She has long admired his talent as a fellow musician, so she finds herself getting closer to him than she would normally with a guest at the lodge.

But even as they draw closer, Leah knows that anything beyond friendship is impossible. Their lives don’t harmonize since Gavin’s life is on the other side of the country and he’s frequently on tour, while Leah prefers being behind the scenes and helping at her family’s lodge. But when love finds its way into their hearts, will they try to bring their lives into harmony? Or will they be left with heartache?

The Harmony of Love is book 7 of the Christian romance series, New Hope Falls. If you haven’t read book 1 yet, be sure to check it out: A Love So Real (ASIN: B07T58NPDR).

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