Kayleigh: A Christian Romance

Kayleigh Halverson has always had goals for her life, and she’s finally at the point where she feels like she’s reached the major ones with regards to her job and her home.

Though her job managing a resort near Serenity Point is often stressful, Kayleigh wouldn’t trade it for the world. At the end of a busy day, she’s able to retreat to the cozy home she’s created for herself to unwind.

Unfortunately, things are happening at the resort Kayleigh manages that are worrisome. And even more worrisome is the arrival of someone from Remington Properties headquarters has shown up to investigate, and she’s not sure what to make of him.

Upon his mother’s death when he was fifteen years old, Hudson St. James learned his father’s identity and was thrust into a world in which, even all these years later, he doesn’t feel truly a part of.

Just back from a business trip on the other side of the world, Hudson is less than thrilled when his boss—and father—insists he go to Serenity Point to investigate some incidents that have occurred at the Remington Properties resort there. It’s his job, however, so Hudson arrives in Serenity Point exhausted and more than a little frustrated at not being given even a moment to breathe.

The manager at the resort is a surprise, and Hudson finds himself wanting to get to know more about her and her life in Serenity Point. Unfortunately, his presence at the hotel puts them at odds, since Hudson needs to make sure that Kayleigh isn’t involved in what’s going on.

Kayleigh isn’t sure what to make of Hudson. He is attractive, and his commitment to his job is something she can appreciate. However, he also holds her future at the resort in his hands, and she hates feeling that vulnerable to a stranger.

If they let it, what brought them together could keep them apart. Would they fight to overcome the differences in their lives, embracing a new life together? Or would they stick to the familiar paths they’d been on, dismissing the brief time they’d spent with each other?

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