Jaylen: A Christian Romance

Jaylen Halverson was just nine years old when his life changed forever.

His mother, knowing she was going to be leaving them, made arrangements for Jay and his sister to be adopted by a wonderful family. Throughout her illness, she extracted promises from Jay that have dictated many of his decisions and choices throughout his life. Holding tightly to those promises and wanting to make his mom and adopted family proud, Jay has kept certain things hidden because they were in direct opposition to what his mom wanted for him.

A desire for a safer life has brought Michelle Barnes to Serenity Point.

She’d become a doctor to serve the low-income community she’d grown up in. However, when her older brother brings danger to their family’s doorstep, it becomes necessary to escape the city she’d planned to devote her life to. With her mother and niece–now her adopted daughter–in tow, Misha tries to embrace a new life as a doctor in the Halversons’ family clinic in a community far from the type she’d been part of in Atlanta.

The Halversons welcome Misha and her family to Serenity Point, happy to have her filling an important role in their clinic.

After a long-term relationship left him broken, Jay isn’t sure he’ll ever be able to have the type of relationship his parents have. However, Misha’s arrival in his life brings Jay renewed hope and a desire to try again.

In Jay, Misha finds a man to admire. One committed to his family—both blood and adopted. A man who brings a smile to her face and makes her wonder if perhaps the dream of a family she’d set aside could be realized with him.

Like magnets, they are drawn to each other. But will unexpected events in their lives be the flipside of the magnets, pushing them apart and breaking both their hearts? Or will they be able to trust that God has a plan for everything? Including their love for each other?

Jaylen is book 2 of the Christian romance series focused on the lives of The Halversons.

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