Janessa: A Christian Romance

Though she’s seen people she’s close to fall in love, Janessa Halverson has no desire to do the same.

Janessa was young when she lost her parents, and though she loves the family she’s a part of now, she has no interest in falling in love with someone, only to lose them. And having kids? Nope. She would hate to leave a child the way she was left

After being dumped, Will Kennedy isn’t sure how long it will be before he’s ready to date again.

Will thought he’d be marrying his long-time girlfriend, but she had other plans. Though he’s always hoped to have a marriage like his parents have, he’s not sure how to get there without risking his heart again.

Now that the people they are closest with have relationships of their own, the pair find themselves spending more time together. Janessa always has room in her life for more friends, so she’s okay hanging out with Will. But as they get closer, Will wonders if it could lead to something more. Janessa might be starting to feel things for Will, however, it hasn’t changed her mind on relationships.

Can love triumph over fear? Or will fear rob them of a future together, along with the friendship they’ve forged?

Janessa is book 3 of the Christian romance series focused on the lives of The Halversons.

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