For the Love of Grace: A Christian Romance

I’ve loved Grace since I was nineteen years old, but when the last member of her family died, she pulled away from me. All the dreams I’ve had for a future with her disappear when she marries another man.

Bennett hadn’t like Grace’s husband when they’d first met, but the man had changed in recent months, elevating Bennett’s level of respect for him. Franklin’s death shocks them all, but once again the Callaghan-McFadden family rallies around Grace just as they had during the past losses she’d endured.

As Bennett spends time helping Grace in the months following Franklin’s death, he finds the feelings he’d once had for her coming to the surface again. Unfortunately, the fear that bound Grace’s heart before has an even tighter grip on her now.

Why are the people I love the most always taken away from me? After my husband dies, I’m determined to never allow someone to get that close again. For my sake as much for theirs.

Though she supports Makayla and Ethan as they prepare to say their vows, Grace knows that never again will she allow herself to be that vulnerable. But amidst the grief, she needs help more than ever, and Bennett is there. She doesn’t want to need his help, but she gives in and allows him into her life.

Love can overcome fear, but only if Grace is willing to take a chance even while knowing that loss might follow.

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