Child of Hope: A Christmas Christian Romance

Love has brought growth to the King family over the past few years, and it has helped to heal the wound that grief had inflicted on their lives. Though their father will always be missed, Hunter and Heather have tried to move forward in a way that brings honor to their dad’s memory.

Hayden King carries a burden that he feels is his alone, and the weight of it is crushing the life out of him. After his last surgery failed to achieve what he’d hoped it would, he rarely leaves his apartment, spending most his days immersed in movies and television.

Paige Cantor has returned to Minneapolis because her life has fallen apart, and she has nowhere else to go. Determined to take care of her disabled son as best she can, she agrees to take on the job of housekeeper to Hayden King, replacing her mom in the position. For several months, she’s watched the man struggle with the turn of events that have left him without the lower portion of his left leg.

When she has no option one day but to take her son to work with her, Paige hopes that Hayden will stay in his room as he does most days. Unfortunately, Hayden walks into the kitchen to find Rylan sitting in his wheelchair at the table.

Meeting Rylan opens Hayden’s eyes, and he finds himself drawn to the young boy and his mom. Though she has cooked and cleaned for Hayden for months, it is only as he interacts with Rylan that Paige begins to see a different side to the wounded man.

Both Paige and Hayden have experienced dashed hopes and discouragement, and neither of them are looking forward to the holidays. But a cheerful little boy helps them to remember the real reason for the season, opening their hearts to the possibility of love and hope for the future… if they’re willing to let go of the hurts and fears of the past.

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