Charlotte: A Christian Romance

Charlotte Halverson’s dream had once been to fall in love, get married and have a family.

But trusting the wrong person has left her a single mother. Now, Charlotte is content to raise her daughter and pursue her career as an elementary school teacher.

Unfortunately, the past comes knocking, bringing with it more baggage than Charli wants to unpack.

Blake Madden could have been a wealthy man had he just followed the path set out for him.

It’s been twelve years since Blake last spoke to his family, so when he has to leave the military to care for his young daughter full-time after the death of her mother, rather than going home, he goes to where he last felt a real sense of joy and support: Serenity Point.

Though Blake regrets the decisions he made the last time he was in Serenity, he can’t help but hope that he hasn’t completely burned all his bridges there. Being a full-time single dad is new to him, and he needs help and support. He is certain his cousin, Jackson, and his parents would be there for him. But dare he hope that Charli might be too?

Blake’s return brings with it a bunch of messy feelings and revelations that Charli had hoped to never have to deal with. Finding out Blake’s daughter is in her class at school, Charli knows she can’t ignore his return, no matter how much she’d like to. And when he asks for a second chance, she isn’t sure that’s even a possibility.

However, their daughters connect as friends, and soon Blake and his daughter are very present in Charli’s life. Being close to him again, dredges up old feelings and emotions, leaving Charli confused about how to move forward with him.

Can Charli find it in her heart to forgive Blake for making promises and then leaving her? Or will the risk of being abandoned again keep her from opening her heart to the man she once loved?

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