Because of Him: A Christian Romance

Both of their pasts have held pain and loss, but will they finally be able to move past it all together?

In the blink of an eye, Cara Morgan lost her mom and the life she’d been building for herself as a professional ballet dancer. Within months, she had a new name and a new life in a small town on the other side of the country. Still mourning the loss of her mother and trying to accept the other changes in her life, Cara has struggled to put down deep roots in New Hope Falls. But when faced with the prospect of losing her remaining parent, Cara knows she needs to let people in.

Kieran Sutherland has been through his own time of mourning in recent years. After the tragic loss of both his brother and father, he brought his mom back to her hometown of New Hope Falls. Taking a position with the Sheriff’s Office for the county, he soon finds himself working as a police chief in the small town…a world away from his previous job with the NYPD. A couple of break-ins in New Hope lead him to the door of Cara’s studio in search of help, and he finds himself curious about the woman he’d only seen from afar.

Given her past, Cara isn’t sure dating someone in law enforcement is a great idea. But with her dying father’s encouragement to embrace her new life and find love, she accepts Kieran’s romantic overtures. As her connection with Kieran deepens, so does her connection with the town and its inhabitants. But when the past rears its ugly head and secrets are revealed, Cara isn’t sure she can stay in New Hope Falls.

Will the past rob Kieran and Cara of the love they’ve found with each other? Or will their faith and love be strong enough to guide them through one of the most difficult times of their lives?

Because of Him is book 2 of the Christian romance series, New Hope Falls. If you haven’t read book 1 yet, be sure to check it out: A Love So Real (ASIN: B07T58NPDR).

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