Beauty from Ashes: A Christian Romance
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Beauty from Ashes: A Christian Romance

BEAUTY FROM ASHES is book five of the Christian romance series, BLACKTHORPE SECURITY by Kimberly Rae Jordan. Follow the lives of the men and women working for BlackThorpe Security as they face the challenges of life, faith and love.

The BlackThorpe Security series is a spin-off from the Christian romance series, The McKinleys. If you haven’t read those yet, check out book one which is currently available for FREE – THIS TIME WITH LOVE: A Christian Romance – and meet some of the characters who will continue to appear in the BlackThorpe Security series.

Adrianne Thorpe has watched as both her twin brother and her sister have had love enter their lives in the past few months. With one already married and the other in a serious relationship, she has had to watch them live out her dream. Though she has dated plenty over the years, Adrianne hasn’t found the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Does she just have impossibly high standards? Or is it the small voice in her head telling her that no man would really love her that keeps her from letting anyone get close enough to touch her heart?

From the moment Connor Mackenzie learns that his sister Rebecca is married to Alex Thorpe, he knows his past has come back to haunt him. After over a decade of working in some of the most dangerous areas of the world, he had plans to retire so he could move closer to his sister and nephew. Doing that now will mean being in almost constant contact with the woman who, as a teenager, he had rejected most cruelly. Has she been able to get over their hurt-filled past? Or will he be forced to reconsider where he spends his time post-retirement?

At a time when she is struggling to rearrange the plans and dreams she has for her life, the last thing Adrianne needs is the person she’d loved and lost in high school stepping back into her life. Connor is grateful that Adrianne seems willing—albeit rather reluctantly—to accept his presence in her life because of Alex and Rebecca.. As he spends time around her, Connor realizes that the reason she’s lingered in his thoughts over the years isn’t just because of regret

Will Adrianne be able to see the genuine regret Connor has for their past and give him a second chance to be the man he should have been the first time around? Or will her hurt blind her to the realization of her dreams and the possibility that God has plans for her and Connor?

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