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Act of Love (Typecast Christmas)

Need something to help you get into the Christmas spirit? Act of Love is a sweet romance sure to fill your heart with holiday warmth.

After a year that involved a box office flop and a spectacular break-up, actor Jackson Wyatt returns home to fulfill a promise to his sister to act in a play at her community theater. What he didn’t count on was his sister casting his ex-girlfriend as the female lead opposite him. Returning to his roots has Jack taking a hard look at his life, and he finds himself wanting the things he gave up so many years ago.

Natasha can’t believe she agreed to play opposite her ex in the play ‘The Gift of the Magi’ at her best friend’s theater. But she feels a certain kinship to the main character, Della, and it’s not just her long hair. As if facing a Christmas where she barely has the money to make ends meet, let alone buy presents for those she loves wasn’t hard enough, now she’s having to deal with Jack’s reappearance in her life.

Through Natasha, Jack sees a side of life he’s missed out on. With love as her currency she gives more to others than he ever could with all his money. But would she be willing to give him a second chance at love?

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