A Song in Her Heart - Kimberly Rae Jordan
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A Song in Her Heart: A Christian Christmas Romance

Welcome to Christmas in Serenity Point, Idaho.

Running out of money is no fun, and for Zoe Wright, it’s especially frustrating since there’s trust fund money there for her, she just can’t access it until January. So, with an eviction pending and friends vanishing as quickly as her money, Zoe has no choice but to return to Serenity Point for the holidays. It’s the last place on earth she wants to be, and she plans to leave behind as soon as she has money again. Why would she want to stay where she’s constantly reminded of the worst time of her life?

Ben Wilson is surprised when Zoe shows up in his family’s coffee shop. Less surprising was Zoe not recognizing him. Even though they’d been in the same grade, they had definitely moved in different circles throughout their school years.

Zoe isn’t interested in reconnecting with any of her old friends, so she’s surprised when she finds herself seeking out opportunities to talk to Ben—who definitely hadn’t been a friend in high school. But he has some suggestions for her with regards to her music career, which, so far, has gone nowhere. Desperate for some direction, she takes him up on his offer to help her, and soon, they’re spending lots of time together as they work on a Christmas music project.

Ben is happy to help Zoe, but the more time they spend together, the more he begins to fall for her. However, he knows that his feelings are futile because her mind and heart are set on leaving Serenity Point and returning to Nashville.

Zoe’s heart is truly torn. The more time she spends working with Ben on their project, the more hope she has for the future of her music. It makes her excited about returning to Nashville. But, also, the more time she spends with Ben, the more she wants to be with him. But she’s leaving, and Ben’s place is in Serenity helping his mom with their coffee shop.

Torn between her dream and her love, Zoe has to decide which she is willing to sacrifice. Will this be the best Christmas ever? Or will it be just one more holiday full of heartache?

A Song in Her Heart is book 2 of the Christian Christmas romance series, Christmas in Serenity Point.

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