A Change of Heart: A Christian Romance
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A Change of Heart: A Christian Romance

Meet the Callaghans & McFaddens: a large blended family whose members love each other through the ups and downs of their life together.

A Change of Heart starts off this Christian romance series of ten siblings as they deal with life, faith, and love. Check out the prequel of the series, A Handful of Flowers (ASIN: B01APAIXM6), to see where it all began as Steve Callaghan and Emily McFadden find love and a future as not just a couple but as a blended family.

You don’t want to miss out on this heartwarming, inspirational series that will make you laugh and cry and leave you feeling like each of the characters have become your friend. Binge-read the complete series now!


I just want things to stay the same. Bringing new people into our family company will change the dynamic that has worked perfectly fine so far.

When her father announces that he plans to retire from their family company, Makayla McFadden knows that change is coming. While employees have come and gone from C&M Builders, the core of the company has always stayed the same, the main roles all filled by family members. Though she understands the need to hire someone, Makayla is resistant to the idea of having a stranger step into the void created by her father’s retirement.

I’ve looked out for my little sister since she was born, and that’s not going to change even though our dad is moving to another city. I just need to find a job so I can continue to help care for her the way I always have. She’s my world, and I’d do anything for her

Upon learning that his father and step-mother plan to move to a new city with his younger sister, Ethan Collins knows he needs to move there as well. The day he gets a call from his first choice for a job, he figures God has answered his prayers. However, while most of the family is welcoming, Makayla McFadden is reserved, clearly not accepting of his presence there. After they offer him the job on a three-month probationary basis, Ethan knows he not only has to convince them he can do the job, he has to somehow convince Makayla that he’s a good fit for her family’s company.

Though he fights against it, Ethan finds himself falling for the reserved and, at times, uptight Makayla. He tries to fight it since he refuses to do anything that might jeopardize his job and his sister’s future. But when the heart can’t be denied, will Ethan take the risk for love? Or will Makayla be reluctant to embrace change on a personal level, leaving him without love and possibly jobless?

This Christian romance novel of 80,000 words is the first book in The Callaghans & McFaddens series from author Kimberly Rae Jordan.

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