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A Candle in the Window: A Christmas Christian Romance

Welcome to Christmas in Serenity Point, Idaho.

Jocelyn Wright has celebrated most of her adult Christmases with only her son and her aunt. The traumatic event that took her parents fractured their family and led to both her siblings fleeing Serenity Point. As Christmas approaches once more, she throws herself into the preparations, all the while hoping and praying that her siblings might one day find their way back home.

After losing his job, Darius Clarke decides to spend the holiday season with his sister in Serenity Point. She’s going through a loss of her own as her long-term boyfriend has left her and their son. It promises to be a dreary holiday season, but that doesn’t matter to Darius, as it’s not a holiday he’s ever really celebrated.

Darius didn’t count on meeting his sister’s friend, who is determined to make the holiday season special for everyone. After he agrees to use his artistic talent to paint the backdrops for the children’s Christmas program that Jocelyn is in charge of, Darius finds himself spending more and more time with her.

Jocelyn is drawn to Darius because he’s very much the type of man she’s always been attracted to, but she knows that he’s just in Serenity Point for the holiday season. Once the new year arrives, he’ll be on his way. Still, she wants to share the joy of Jesus’s birth with him, helping him to find hope in his heart to heal the wounds of his childhood.

Sharing so much of herself with someone whose future isn’t in Serenity Point is a sure path to heartache, but Jocelyn can’t seem to stop herself from falling in love with Darius. This might be another Christmas where she kept the candles in the window for her siblings, but perhaps this Christmas would still be filled with hope and joy.

Though Darius has never given much thought to getting married or having a family, since meeting Jocelyn, he’s come to reconsider all kinds of things. But can he take the risk on fully embracing any of it? Could things really be different for him?

Could this Christmas be the one that finally touches his heart?

A Candle in the Window is book 1 of the Christian Christmas romance series, Christmas in Serenity Point.

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